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DIN 980M Locking Nuts
  • DIN 980M Locking NutsDIN 980M Locking Nuts

DIN 980M Locking Nuts

Leader-Fastener® is a manufacturer and distributor of DIN 980M Locking Nuts. We have a complete line of service from having invested in production plants, export department and to having a quality control team and center to meet your requirements. We regard quality as the life of the company. We persist in good quality as the first policy and have established a set of quality control and inspection system according to the international standard. We have carried out ISO9001 Quality Guarantee System in every course of production, transportation and selling. We do hope we could be your partner in business by topping quality, knight service and competitive price in the near future and be your friends as well.

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Product Description

Leader-Fastener® DIN 980 Locking Nuts, all metal lock nut is also known as all metal self-locking nut. There are two main locking forms:

a. This kind of nut is called 980-v type, and the common forms are as follows: end face three-point type, elliptical type, side extrusion type.

b. The nut is embedded with a metal locking plate, which can prevent loosing by the locking ring. This kind of nut is called 980-m

The locking principle of 980-m nut is as follows: the nut is embedded with a metal sheet after heat treatment, the inner diameter of the metal sheet is slightly smaller than the outer diameter of the bolt thread. After the nut is tightened, the metal sheet will block the bolt thread, which can effectively play the role of anti loose and anti-seismic.

The locking nut can be used repeatedly, but it is not recommended to disassemble and install repeatedly. After many times of disassembly and installation, the locking torque of the nut will decrease significantly (the fifth disassembly is significantly lower than the first disassembly).

The mechanical performance requirements of all metal lock nuts are the same as those of ordinary nuts. The common grades of carbon steel are generally grade 8, grade 10 and grade 12, while those of stainless steel are generally grade 70 and Grade 80.

Among them, the carbon steel nut’s load retention and hardness requirements shall refer to the standard of ordinary carbon steel nut, which can refer to the standard ISO 898-1 (mechanical property requirements of carbon steel nut) for acceptance. Stainless steel nuts only refer to carbon steel nuts for load holding performance, and hardness is not required.

To ensure the locking performance, the locking nut shall refer to the torque requirements for five times of screwing in and out specified in ISO 2320 (mechanical performance requirements for pre torque locking nuts). Ordinary nuts do not have this special requirement.

Product Specification of Leader-Fastener® DIN 980M Locking Nuts

Material : Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Alloy Steel, Brass.

Finishment: Black, Zinc Plated, Zinc Yellow, HDG, Phosphate, DACROMET, Geomet, Magin, Ruspert, Teflon, etc.

DIN 980 (M) - 1987 Prevailing Torque Type Hexagon Nuts with Two-piece Metal (Type M)

Screw Thread
M3 M4 M5 M6 M7 M8 M10 M12 M14 M16
P Pitch 0.5 0.7 0.8 1 1 1.25 1.5 1.75 2 2
Fine thread - - - - - 1 1 1.5 1.5 1.5
Fine thread - - - - - - 1.25 1.25 - -
e min 6.01 7.66 8.79 11.05 12.12 14.38 18.9 21.1 24.49 26.75
h max=nominal size 3.7 4.2 5.1 6 7 8 10 12 14 16
min 3.4 3.9 4.8 5.7 6.5 7.5 9 11 12 14
s max=nominal size 5.5 7 8 10 11 13 17 19 22 24
min 5.32 6.78 7.78 9.78 10.73 12.73 16.73 18.67 21.67 23.67

Screw Thread
M18 M20 M22 M24 M27 M30 M33 M36 M39
P Pitch 2.5 2.5 2.5 3 3 3.5 3.5 4 4
Fine thread 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3
Fine thread 1.5 1.5 1.5 - - - - - -
e min 29.56 32.95 35.03 39.55 45.2 50.85 55.37 60.79 66.44
h max=nominal size 18 20 22 24 27 30 33 36 39
min 16 18 20 22 25 28 31 34 37
s max=nominal size 27 30 32 36 41 46 50 55 60
min 26.16 29.16 31 35 40 45 49 53.8 58.8

①,Type V:

Single-piece metal nuts are nuts without an insert, in which increased friction is created by the appropriate deformation of the prevailing torque element of the nut.

Type M:

Two-piece metal nuts are nuts, in which increased friction is created by an additional metal element inserted in the prevailing torque element of the nut. This type dose not have full loadability.


Steel, Strength class (material): 5,8,10,12(≤M16)。Standard DIN 267-4

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