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The Difference Between Flange Nuts and Ordinary Nuts


The main difference between flange nuts and ordinary nuts is reflected in their unique design concepts and practical application scenarios.

In terms of design, the distinctive feature of the flange nut is its integrated gasket and nut design. This design makes the bottom of the nut equipped with anti-slip tooth patterns. This structure not only increases the contact area between the nut and the workpiece, but also greatly enhances the firmness and tensile strength of the connection. In contrast, ordinary nuts need to be used with washers, and their tightening effect and stability are usually not comparable to flange nuts.

In terms of application scenarios, flange nuts are widely used in various situations that require high fastening force and large contact area due to their unique design characteristics. It is especially suitable for pipe connections and fastening of materials such as wood and plastic. In addition, flange nuts also shine in some special equipment and places, such as fixing the shaft and base of self-balancing two-wheel electric vehicles with external motors.

In short, with its integrated gasket design, anti-slip teeth, and excellent tightening force and stability, flange nuts have demonstrated their unique advantages in a variety of application scenarios and have become an ideal alternative to ordinary nuts. choose.

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